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Cash is King

One of the most important lessons entrepreneurs have to learn, often painfully, is that cash really is king. I’m not talking about paper money — I’m talking about cash flow. More businesses fail for lack of cash flow than for lack of profit. Why is this? Two main reasons:

1. Business owners are often unrealistic in predicting their cash flow. They tend to overestimate income and underestimate expenses.

2. Business owners fail to anticipate a cash shortage and run out of money, forcing them to suspend or cease operations, even though they have active customers.

By paying cash for your purchases you guarantee two things

1. You are getting the best possible price allowing for more profit

2. The goods paid for need no further outlay days down the line, the profit is yours.

There are simple ways to get “TERMS” while paying CWO. If you use our online ordering system and use our PAYFAST option using your credit card, you can get 30 days and over interest free depending on your card type. Not only that, you can receive the awards that your credit card offers on your purchases. By using the web based system you will also speed up the ordering and deliveries for your practise.